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Coat hanger people…

December 23, 2020

As promised by the BBC rain has set in; so, having walked as the not promised sun came up, I am now confined to my little studio for an hour or so.  Bereft of good news and noting how awfully dull the bad news has become; I thought I might tell you about my coat hanger people. The characters I am working with at present are the third incarnation.  In the beginning using dry felting they were rather Neanderthal.

As they have developed using wet felt, different wire and improved methods; while they are no more attractive, they have morphed into something less primitive.

  For coat hanger people that is.   

With a head no more refined than coat hanger hook, no hands and huge feet and a six pack to die for, they have no redeeming features.  They are without gender, without mothers or fathers, they are to me brothers and sisters, no lovemaking or define procreation, but they dance and materialise.

So, if you understand that then you are ‘cleverer’ than me … for me it is just magical. 

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