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the saga continues …

December 24, 2020

I have not looked at the weather forecast or the BBC news so I am blissfully unaware of the calamities or not that might beset me. So, until I venture out, I will continue the saga of the coat hanger people. These are coloured but not dressed.  My people do not have skin; they are made of the fleece from a sheep and felted. They do not compare with humans as regards  human ideals of flesh tone; Using any natural materials available that produces colour; such as onion skins, rhubarb, flower heads, nettles, woad, weld and turmeric; my people are more vegetable or animal  than human. Without going into the finest detail of dyeing and felting and to be honest it isn’t rocket science or a big secret, but it is tedious, and requires basic knowledge of natural dyeing process and meticulous planning. This know-how can lead to further shenanigans, with different and complex outcomes. It is then perhaps, when the craft becomes art. Perfecting the bits that seem so tedious and time consuming is important and in time does become fun. However, this a MA and the perfections have to become constant or a mere walk in the park, before I can consider myself as an artist and proverbially ‘run’

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