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It was to be the longest night …

December 22, 2020

On Saturday while not attending my Berkshire Spinners, Weavers and Dyers group Zoom Christmas Party and while our PM was announcing the new stringent restrictions since the Mutant Covid19, I was meeting with a friend on WhatsApp; I won first prize in the raffle.  The afore mentioned annual Christmas party is usually not to be missed; with party games, a raffle,bran tub, fine food and fun; it seemed to have continued in the same way in the newfound Zoom; unbeknown to me, my name was added to the hat for the raffle. The joy was short lived as the prize was in Tier 3 and I a few miles away in Tier 4.  So, I began to resign myself to eating Christmas goodies in March or regifting them to a needy family in Tier 3. 

However, by some magical strategic method into which I will not question, the parcel arrived last night as we went into our longest night and to my delight.  

I thought that me and my long-suffering husband were going to have a quiet Christmas and we still will but with some extra treats; for which I am grateful and beginning to believe in Christmas magic.

While the words Berkshire Spinners, Weavers and Dyers will take up all the syllables in a Haiku they will become … Friends

Taught me [to] spin, weave dye,

who even in my absence,

didn’t forget love.

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