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new beginnings with pitfalls …

December 21, 2020

As the year comes to an end; I have almost completed my mid term essay and research journal.  It has been an ‘interesting’ journey, not as I expected; being a student in isolation is not a comfortable option.  However, it did allow me to indulge in my love to create and research/read endlessly with copious results. Not always pleasing; but, mostly fitting a student’s remit. Nonetheless, without peer contact and student banter one finds herself baffled at every turn. Self-criticism is often mismanaged, doubt and delusion set in, in equal measure.

I hear the call to adventure, feel the positive conditions and the opportunity for a free spirit; but I also fear the lack of direction, control and dispirit in and of the present situations.

So, a little poem for this Coat Hanger person with no name as yet and her story to evolve.

Dress of silk and wool,

shades of weld, iron, alum,

swirls at her ankles.

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