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A prayer …

December 20, 2020

From earthly chaos,

Above the worldly chatter,

heartfelt songs and praise.

This morning out of the silence I hear prayer. I have not heard this beautiful sound since the first lock down in March.  Someone being prayerful or singing in their garden in my neighbourhood is not unusual, but it goes unnoticed when the trains are running full pelt to Paddington or Gatwick, the traffic on the motorway is up to speed and flights to the US are on schedule.  This morning his song and that of the birds was beautiful and welcome; yet somehow it was sad and less hopeful. 

I am not religious, or did I vote Tory but somehow, I did hope this ‘natural’ disaster unlike Brexit an orchestrated disaster, might have been managed, less politically, less left or right, with more humanity. We have been failed.  The money tree that produces when there is political gain has not borne fruit.

Thank you to those who keep the faith in multiple capacities I am less hopeful. 

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