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Getting back up to speed …

October 31, 2020

It has been a while since I posted to my Blog; I had missed, and not in a good way, the new ‘look.’ It took me by surprise and the result was not pleasing.   One thing I have learned about myself during the last year, is that I do have good muscle memory and very obsessive. While I don’t enjoy continued isolation, I do enjoy my own company; and considered by some an introvert. All this, with patience and time makes up for lack of talent. I am hoping that getting back into the swing of regular posts; blogging will come a vital communication tool during a painful lack of human contact.

During my flurry of too much new information yesterday I didn’t tell you about ‘Black Star’ who is to appear in my next set of loops called ‘The Cart : all in this together’ she is  lovely lady, but has serious issues as regards her honesty and allegiance during the ‘problems.’ The cart also is not to be relied on. She does try her best to do the right thing; while she doesn’t always have the resources, it is often far too late and for the wrong reasons.   

Meanwhile, on my part she doesn’t have a frock yet.  So today will be spent with one eye on the clouds as they race across the sky and the other on my stitch work and the magic will happen.

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