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October 30, 2020

Since I last posted to WordPress my life like most people of my age has become increasingly isolated. As one becomes less and less informed about the situation by the government, we go, one of two ways; either back to some kind of normal trying to keep safe or be more fearful and retreat further into the safely of our homes.  I am retired and can study at home and taken to the latter. I have ventured out on public transport, but it seems not everyone is following the rules and therefor I am little reluctant to go far.

This I find is not satisfactory; I need face to face contact with other students, technical advisers and my tutor. Now, as I go into my second year it is less likely that I and my fellow students, like those who graduated last year will not enjoy a final exhibition.  It would seem unlikely that artists generally and those emerging will not exhibit publicly again for the foreseeable future.  As a result, artists visual, performing or otherwise will have to find ways to show art or perform, to make a living or merely cover costs or perish; or as the government suggests find other employment. 

I am in the fortunate position that I didn’t enrol on this MA to increase my salary or enhance my career; I rather hoped I would recognise myself and be recognised. Not become famous but realise that I have a talent that I can broadcast and find mind space where I can continue working without doubt and regret.  As a textile artist this may not happen; while it doesn’t fit with fine art; as a creative one has to have a unique style and or a stable commercial vantage point.  For me this is not likely.  Nonetheless, I have invested a lot, financially and time and so I am going to keep going and pay my next instalment. 

By some strange twist of fate, I find myself doing stop motion films; using my rather large handcrafted felt characters.  Although it has been challenging, I am beginning to make progress so much that I would like to show my films.  Having said that I am still reluctant as I have chosen to use a free app on my mobile phone; as it started as a game I didn’t at the time want to invest in expensive apps and editing features.  However, this option left me on a bit of a limb as the Animation Department at University only support Dragon Frame, Adobe and iPhone all of which for me are costly and presently overly complicated.  So, with my simple phone and basic editing I have been able to make short loops and a rather robust, yet attractive DIY style as developed; which I hope to maintain.  Nevertheless, with the best will in the world I am on borrowed time; as my app fills with films, my gallery topples, and editing becomes an issue.  The DIY look is as cosmetic or shabby chic as any and will need to be carefully preserved.  I will have to make thoughtful changes to my practices and frankly I don’t know where to begin; and wonder if it is still a little early to make financial changes.

Meanwhile, I will start with using my WordPress differently and post my loops on my Blog.  I have tried linking from photos on Google but that doesn’t work; so, wondering about ‘converting’ my films to something compatible to WordPress but is all a bit too much for me. 

I understand that this stuff can be done virtually with help and that I do not need to move from my laptop; let alone out of the front door.  Yet for me face to face contact and conversations over a cup of tea are a lifeline to one who has spent the last 70 years, asking, searching and watching with colleagues, friends and family being alone hurts a lot … there I said it.

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  1. October 30, 2020 10:23 pm

    Your animations sound interesting, I look forward to seeing them.

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