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Oh, for some elastic …

November 3, 2020

black star 1

Since when have I not been able to a yard of knicker elastic notwithstanding Covid 19, over the counter? Have I missed something? Then, is knicker elastic no longer called knicker elastic? I ask these questions as the rain continues to fall and I anticipate another day not in the garden. My supply of elastic is replete and whilst online as we do these days and more so since Covid 19 , I learned that a card of 5 metres, far more than I need; my characters don’t wear big knickers, costs less than the post and packaging. So, I added a couple more items to make it worth my while; especially as the feared further lockdown is eminent.  I duly waited for the goods to be despatched. How long does it take to despatch a card of elastic and sewing thread? The parcel finally arrived on Saturday; late but now I could start making a frock for naked Black Star; only to find that the elastic was out of stock and ‘to follow.’ Next, they will tell me I cannot buy an ounce of 3ply fingering.  Meanwhile, they do need knickers.

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