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What if I …?

July 22, 2019

I have always wanted to go to art college; the idea way back in the memory has at last come to the fore.  My idea doesn’t come from any knowledge that I might have the ability.  So, these last few years I have tried to perhaps find the evidence or practice like fury.  One or both has worked and I am ready to go; but let me not fool myself.  It is not going to be easy or comfortable … and that was impossible to plan for.

I have tried and going to Contemporary art and craft exhibitions has helped; like the one we had recently in the centre of Reading called ‘Open for Art’.  It is an annual event and I exhibited last year in a very nice coffee shop with my embroidered coffee sacks ; this year I was committed elsewhere.

However, this gave me the opportunity to look around the exhibition more fully.  It was good to see the ways in which artists answered the question ‘what if I …’   and in my search, I delighted in those who did in my eyes.  One was a jeweller who made exquisite pieces from sweeties from the pick and mix, another used the sun to develop photographs and made art from found items in books from a second hand book shop there was much more.

My favouite above all was a jacket hung in a bespoke tailor in Reading.  I have been back day after day to look as close as I can, the owner of the shop asked to keep it in his window for an extended period.     The jacket was stitched and decorative items were added.  It is a work art telling the story of a particular jacket; bought for a particular occasion a wedding perhaps? Then, bought out time after time; numerous events; more weddings, funerals etc.  Every man must have one, the added pieces bring to life the forgotten memories, embroidered words spoken to or by the wearer of the jacket; at an interview or at the races.  So personal, intimate, a precious jewel; for me it answered the question what if the jacket could speak?

I am wondering what if I could write or draw with a needle and thread?   … and tell a story?

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  1. July 24, 2019 4:28 pm

    Go gal!

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