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A new title?

July 21, 2019

I have decided to change the name of my blog.  Nothing has changed; that’s a joke! Life changes there is no escaping it; enough to say that I am still bald, getting on my bike and a ballsy bint.  However, I will be no longer retired; I am going to University to study for a Master’s Degree.  I had even thought of a ‘name’ After reading Aqua Viva by Clarice Lispector who aims to ‘capture the present’ in her confessional and unfiltered meditations on every form of life and time.  I thought what a great title that would be.

Then thinking even that doesn’t make sense capturing and recording the next two years … is as silly as saying ‘nothing has changed.   Capturing and recording no matter how sensible and ‘so worthwhile’ yes, it is necessary to validate my studies and justify the expense; at the end of the day it will be I hope the best years of my life and ‘capturing’ it will not make it last.  It will just bog me down.   Furthermore, not conducive to the study of contemporary arts and crafts. It seems my time will be better spent studying artists and craftspeople who have stepped out of the traditional and embraced the un-captured and unfettered. Sadly, I am in between a brick and a hard place … barely knowing much about old school and nothing about the ‘current’ so there is a reading list and exhibitions to see … the new name is on hold.   This book isn’t on the list but so relevant and helpful.

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