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A spoonful of medicine …

April 25, 2019

This week (with a slight medication adjustment) I had a good week.  I am not sure that the meds made the good happen but it sure helped me see and feel it.

As I look forward to my holiday; I try not to get over excited; to find that the joy of going away is over too soon.  Instead, I have read and addressed a couple of new adventures.

Since reading Robin Tanner’s Double Harness I have read works about Dorothy Larcher and Phyllis Barron, Hilary Bourne, Ethel Mairet and Rita Beales; all good reads if you want to know about Arts and Crafts Movement 1900-1960s.

I have learned to how to warp and weave on an Inkle Loom. There is room for improvement but it is not likely to have any experimental possibilities.  However, I remain open for suggestions.

On the other hand, while relearning spinning, I do see some exciting opportunities with dying and weaving.  Meanwhile I have to practice; it is a very complex and sensitive craft. My wheel takes me to a special place but it cannot be rushed.  So, the Backstrap Loom will remain unlearned on the shelf.

I also helped my brother with a project he is undertaking. It meant getting out some old photographs that were taken by my mother in 1950s of a boat that my father had rebuilt.  Not a difficult task but the images were evocative and a little painful. Surprisingly, as I came across this photo the mood lifted. I wonder if she has enjoyed the journey so far with its up and downs.

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