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So much to learn …

April 16, 2019












As my going to university gets closer so my mood ricochets; like a ride on a switch back; sounds nice, believe me, it ain’t.  I have the tablets and tools to cope with both extremes. Even, while the pain in either state is hardly distinguishable at first, I usually settle first with a cup of tea.  Not always good in the long-term but, good on the short when I can find a book or article that will blind me with science or, make me pour another cup of tea which always a good thing.

A book I enjoyed this week was called Double Harness by Robin Tanner.  While, it tells me the story of a schools Inspector and an etcher and illustrator during the early 20th century; it gives me a sound overview of the arts and crafts movement in the West Country.  I have a heap of influential names that I can dine out with for a while; those like Ernest Gimson, Hans Coper, Lucie Rie, Phyliss Barron and Dorothy Larcher.

It will be good to do some cross research and find some other inspiration that so that medication becomes less of a factor.

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