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Tomorrow I will be an art student …. this girl’s dream come true.

September 22, 2019

On the day before I begin another stage of my journey; I have changed the name of my Blog.  My real name is Helen; but I have rarely used that in my working life.  Helen is a common name and there was often more than one Helen in any one department. So, I have adopted an alternative to make life easier.  When I started using social media, I used a pseudonym as a safety net; in case it went pear-shaped and I could duck out without egg on my face.  Ten years later I am still here and some of my friends preferring to use the name Nela.

I have chosen a name that a close friend calls me; and suits me as it is gender neutral since I have no hair I am often taken as a man.  So, Aitch is an an acronym that will serve me well for the next 2 years at the University of Creative Art.

My former identity has not changed.  I was considering taking my bike between home and railway stations.  However, there are lots of stairs and no lift at one station and unless anyone takes the trouble to see that I am a 70-year-old lady in disguise; I will not get help.  So, the jury is out regarding the bike; also, I won’t get there any quicker.  There are no cycle paths in Farnham and the one-way system takes me longer and is less than scenic. So, bike will perhaps be left at home.

I am hoping to find time to keep a journal of daily events thinking that each day will bring new and exciting experiences.

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