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My star in Brazil …

April 1, 2018

My daughter’s home is in Brazil; it is a million miles away and sometimes the space hurts.  Of course, there are ways and means that we can communicate to ease the pain.  I also believe that part of me is there; it is my home of hope and dream.  Rio de Janeiro isn’t the best place in the world, it is harsh, dangerous and fragile … I cannot fear or be anxious or give up hope, so I remain clutching a fragment of my home close to my heart.

My work, and the rest of my long-suffering family as you know help to sooth the soreness for 99% of the time.  This new work is representative of Hydra a constellation that can be seen here in UK this time of year but much more clearly in the Southern Hemisphere; the brightest star called Alphard and appears on the Brazilian flag.

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