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You don’t know until you try …

March 31, 2018

During the winter my printing work has continued but with limit time.  I hope to get back up to speed now that spring is on its way and day light longer.  However, textile work has become a fulfilling enterprise.  I have been a dressmaker in a previous life.  While the sewing rules like printing making must be instilled when being experimental they can go out the window.  That’s is if there were ever in one’s grasp in the first place.

Nonetheless is frustrating, painful and expensive and seeing the result; so called unique that has been dragged back from the abyss of ugliness.  This winter I have learned ‘you don’t know until you try.’

For instance, collecting weaving materials as funds are getting low and not knowing much; like peeing in the wind I was taking some chances.  This week, I ordered a medium jamboree bag; like it said on the tin; already I was expecting too much.  Yes, it was pretty disappointing not my usual colour palette and it was finer than I hoped.

I was going to send it back; but decided to cut my losses and give it a try.

On reflection, I should have done some more preliminary work, tapestry like printmaking one is never quite sure what the image will be like until it is printed.  With weaving one works from bottom to top and I also work from left to right so the work is turned 45 degrees when taken of the loom.  All this adds to the delight or gloom at the end of the session.

Called ‘a bit of blue sky’ it may not be hung but serves as a reminder of my adage.

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  1. March 31, 2018 6:54 pm

    I think this is wonderful…rich texture and I love the eyes I see….gorgeous woman. Matches your teacup which I always see as animated.

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