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Do I or don’t I?

November 18, 2017

On Thursday I went to London and walked from Waterloo Bridge to Southwark Bridge; it was a lovely day and a walk I have done often before and enjoy. I was on a mission and planned to stroll back later.

I did look round Intaglio; although it not somewhere you might wander; you do need to know what you are looking for.  It reminds me of the shop I used to go to with or for my dad to buy putty or linseed oil; things he needed as a boat builder 60 years ago. There  is no advertising or music and there is an absence of any electronic device; my bill was written in cursive script in duplicate; sadly he didn’t use a piece of carbon paper;  as a 7 year old girl that was like magic and I looked longingly at the little jewel of life. Until I learned that the wrapper of a Cadburys chocolate bar was a poor but clever trick of a child … when the rations were lifted.

I digress, I was shown a few multiple tools and tried some; but it was slightly overwhelming; although I had taken a block with some marks to compare with it still was a bit of a guessing game.  I chose one that felt right and strolled back to Waterloo via, Bankside Gallery, and a pie shop where I could get a gluten free veggie pie and mash. Belly full and happy with my purchase I went home.

Buying a multiple tool I understand is a big thing; not just costly but there is also conflicting  thoughts in the wood engraving world; mostly it seems are against them.  Chris Daunt says in an article in Multiples that he doesn’t like them and refers to another engraver who suggests we should be cautious; especially those of us who are inexperienced.

The marks made by a multiple tool it seems are uniform and don’t lend themselves to the ‘man made’ look.

Since trying mine and understanding the ‘thoughts,’ my wood engraving style is not regular; I wish it was, for me the tool is big almost clumsy it is 7×45 and doesn’t find its way into smaller spaces.  However, in an area where I need silvery tones or dare I say form, with practice it will work. Especially as I working away from removing too much black as suggested by my teacher.

So, it might seem that I might have to consider buying a smaller tool say 2or 3 x 45-60 to do detailed work.

But without sounding a bit melodramatic it is like Russian Roulette  a scary and expensive business … but is that the fun?

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