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to London to try a multiple tool …

November 16, 2017

Each week I ‘take’ time to go to London or Oxford (I live between the two) I don’t go for anything in particular or important (that is for another time) Although it is best I have a vague idea of where I am going so I can plan the route. Although, I take a tube if required I prefer to walk and this is often miles.

Last week I went to Portobello Road for a metre of linen, next week I plan to go to Islington for some sewing thread. I have been to the Physic Garden, Regents Park, Little Venice often not buying anything more than a cup of tea and seeing no more than the sights; and all in the Off Peak between 9.30 and 4pm. This way, I can wander, and keep the costs to minimum and time balanced (trying to think kindly of myself as I fear I might be spending far too much time and money on myself)

Today, I am going to the South Bank and Southwark Bridge where I can visit Intaglio to buy a wood engraving tool and pop into Bankside Gallery and get home for tea.

It has taken several months to allow myself to look upon these days as just days and not a time to cruelly crush between worldly tasks.

Thanks to the graver or better a multiple tool.

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