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Good bye brave fox …

November 15, 2017

Yesterday was difficult; not made easier when I woke to find a beautiful dead fox in the road outside my house.  While, my neighbours were unable to move their cars and get to work ,they decided the best thing to do was take pictures and discuss how it was killed.  They could see a bullet wound; how I don’t know.  Shooting, they thought, nothing to do with a car going like crazy up the road; I thought.

By this time, me still in my Pyjamas, rubber gloves, a laundry basket and plenty of wrapping material I lifted the body away, they gawped a moment before getting into their cars and driving off. Leaving me to wash away the blood with several buckets of water before the children came by on their way to school and for their imaginations to go mad too!

That afternoon, I received a book in the post, called The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane, I bought it for my grandson for Christmas and it inspired me to write a poem, I write in Haiku but Macfarlane in this book uses acrostic; so a very humble mish mash …

Fox fine timid fox

On my street at dawn you died

Xing, (Crossing) between cars


And I make wishes for his family and all beings who are abandoned so cruelly


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  1. Laura Bloomsbury permalink
    November 15, 2017 10:35 am

    The double implication of Xing crossing is especially good, haiku wise. The saddest of tales so vividly told & the mawkishness of the neighbours adds a note of disgust to this messy death

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