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I remember too …

November 12, 2017

Today we remember those who died in the Great War as it is Armistice Day. I don’t remember anyone from the First World War,  but do remember my parents who contributed much to the Second War; my mother ended her already brief education like lots of girls her age, to work,  in a factory making munitions.  My father had recently begun an ‘education’ in the Merchant Navy only to be seconded to the horrors of the convoys to and from South America.  They both survived and my dad died later in a British Legion Home.

For that alone I buy a red poppy but I don’t wear it with pride; I feel that the British Legion doesn’t support a non-violent solution to the end of all wars.

I also buy a white poppy and support the Peace Pledge Union; who advocate ways to create a just and peaceful world with many initiatives to change the vengeful culture in Britain and the rest of the world.

I hope my dad who, never did raise an arm to a man woman or child and remarkably patriotic will understand the need that a peaceful future for our children and the generations to come must be paramount.  I remember him …

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