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A good read …

November 19, 2017

I enjoy reading and trust a book, to answer a question in my complicated life.  It may be merely a recipe book, spiritual guidance, a novel, for technical help, or just something to make me laugh.

While some muddy the waters, I try and stick with them hoping to find it the last chapter may just have the answer. The ones I enjoy the most are those where the protagonist or the author is a maverick or a bit strange not necessarily insane but someone I can relate to. They also may be upsetting but nonetheless vital.

So, my book cases are filled with books about all manner of subjects not all fulfilling their place; maybe just looking pretty that too is also a consideration, a good jacket, binding and illustrations can be pleasing.

The book I am reading at the moment does come up to standard … called Threads the delicate life of John Craske by Julia Blackburn … it is about a Norfolk fisherman born in 1881 who fell ill at 36 and while he never recovered he spent the rest of his life in bed doing embroidery.  His works were of the sea and his masterpiece was The evacuation of Dunkirk.

There are few facts about Craske and Blackburn’s account is far from a conventional biography. It is much about her journey as she explored the fisherman’s way of life in Sheringham and Cromer … it is a delight and I am looking forward to seeing some of his embroideries next year and to explore for me an unknown part of the UK.

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