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Gill Sans …

June 29, 2016

For the last few days I have been  thinking about the fount I would like to use on my press, should I buy one soon.  While the jury is out,  I do have options to use another press, so the idea of tools and fount are not impractical.  However, the advise so far is to be cautious and to be sure about the work I want to do and the style, and to that end not to buy to wide or indiscriminately.  So, with the softly softly approach I have been looking at Gill Sans.   Already I have one set 14pt  and the next two will progressively bigger.

Coming to this choice was not difficult and it has been great looking at those who have used Gill Sans successfully and today I came across this and it is so lovely!

The golden house, published 1951 was written by Joseph Rykwert hand set in 10 pt Gill Sans by Anthony Froshaug and illustrated by Edward Wright. The copy here is signed by the author.  


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