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Please read … if only today

June 30, 2016

New Year ....Today I am going to Brazil to visit my daughter, it is a day I have ached for during the last 11 months, 3 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours.  This trip has been happening for the last 5 years and remains (an expensive) commute of joy.  Also,the intervening year is not spent in grief; life goes on with its ups and downs; seemingly of late the lows have been painful and the ups less frequent.  However, we all have a network of support surrounding us in our endeavours not just to maintain an  assemblance of order but to be creative and progressive.  

My daughter and son-in-law have used every opportunity to learn academically and earn a living in a country that too is fragile and in the hands of the rich and corrupt.

And me, while my husband recently made redundant,  was looking forward to leaving full time paid employment (at 67 years old this surely is Ok?) to begin a new career with no income guaranteed.  

So business as usual, we have managed not to fall into deep despair and our holiday will be just wonderful.

That is until now; this recent political upheaval will be a mighty blow to us all. By all,I mean those like my husband who has lost job in social housing after  40 years because of the Tory cuts in public spending, without state pension yet and no job prospects.  Also, the others who work in the University, where we rely  on the comings and going to European students for our income.  There will be many more job losses and the effect on the local economy will be catastrophic.  

I have been a trade unionist and an active member of the Labour Party since 1969. Although I did leave the LP during the years of Tony Blair, while remaining a reluctant voter. I rejoined when I wanted to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and have not so far disappointed.  He became my hope, as a socialist to have a voice in parliament.  I voted to stay in the European Union. Of course the EU is not a perfect institution but without a viable plan for otherwise I was not going to jump ship.  

I am distraught by those who were misguided, thoughtless and racist who voted otherwise.

I am sad and angry for those like me will become unemployed, poor and left on the slag heap while the rich, powerful and in the sway of the capital media will continue to sap Great Britain and forgo any opportunities to be part of a kinder and more generous European Union.

So yes there are joys life is good I am going to Rio and to visit my beloved child … but what will I come back to my only hope is a voice in parliament for the less able, the misinformed and the workers of this country. Heck, I don’t care if Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM; a bonus if he does, but at least there be an effective other or England will be dead for those who are worked tirelessly for the last 50 years (not forgetting those who worked and went to war in the previous decades)  and a playground for the fat cats.    

This is not political rant, just how it is so please don’t pick holes in my delivery or aptitude of the current situation … there are a lot clever ones to do that … but they are just clever … they really don’t know how it is how it will be for normal people.  


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  1. July 1, 2016 4:17 am

    Have a wonderful trip. My son lives in Australia; I’m familiar with the pain of not having loved ones within reach.
    Voting to leave EU was not very cleaver in my opinion. You’re not out yet though, the process is lenghty and outcome unknown.

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