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Wednesday, women, gifts and Diego Rivera

October 9, 2013

It was my brother’s birthday last week and he told his friends on Facebook that he had asked [his wife] for a sitting room carpet and it was being fitted that day.  I was puzzled and wondered why even in a joke, one would ask for floor covering as a gift?  

I love to give gifts, and often give something to a friend that I would like myself.  So perhaps my sister-in-law was calling his bluff and was thinking in this way too.

I not caring too much for a new carpet; prefering a good book; receieved a delightful backhanded gift this week

As you know I went to the Royal Academy to see Mexico ; the revolution in art 1910-1940.  It featured among others the work of Diego Rivera.  I had not realised that not only was he a painter of murals but also a prolific illustrator. Since then my daughter in Brazil, aware of my passion for books and fine illustrations  came across a ‘just the thing’ called Diego Rivera ; great illustrator by Raquel Tibol and ‘thought of me,’ Sadly, it was more than she could afford.  

So I bought the book for myself! It is  a truly wonderful gift; it has already been well thumbed and will be enjoyed for a long time.  

So to celebrate women and my kind thoughtful daughter I have picked out some illustrations of women and their place in society as seen by Diego Rivera.

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