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Weekly Photo Challenge … Good Morning

October 8, 2013

My good morning begins at 5am and continues until noon when of course the good afternoon begins.  I often wonder if I am a little obsessive or perhaps addicted to tea. Nonetheless my good morning begins with a pot of white tea; Silver Needle is my favourite. Sometimes, with a tit-bit; at times tea can be a little too wet! As the morning progresses and the household comes alive so the need for tea and breakfast comes; around 7 or 8; green tea (Dragon Well) is my preference then.

So refreshed; I cycle to work (this too is a vital part of a good morning) but not more than the tea break at 11 am when I take some oolong (Ti guan yin) that I can sip until noon.

However, at the weekend the good morning will end with coffee and cake! Funny,  that coffee too can be a little wet without a chunk of cake.

So for me a good morning is not without a cup of tea and/or coffee and a tit-bit.


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