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How do I do it? Be Me?

November 5, 2018

For few weeks I have been exploring opportunities to return to full-time education.  To learn art and fulfil a dream I had in 1966. During the last few days I have learned about 3 options that I might consider.  I cannot disclose the whereabouts as that would tempt fate so I am cautious at the moment.

Nonetheless, there is much to do I have a solo exhibition is a little under a week.  The show represents my every waking breath of the last year; my work in progress.  As each piece is packed into the box to take to the gallery, so, I begin again not for the next exhibition but to be me ; drawing, collecting papers, fabrics, pigments and ideas for the next work/breath.

This morning warping a Tibetan Loom … how do I do it again?


Embroidered botanical drawing

October 10, 2018

For the last 2 years I have been embroidering coffee sacks; a dozen or so have been exhibited locally and it likely that they will be returned to the land of coffee for display in 2020 when I celebrate 70 years!

However, they are monsters (in a good way) and not perhaps one something one might hang over the mantel piece unless you live in a barn; then of course a sack might lend itself perfectly.  Enough to say I have perhaps I have exhausted the possibilities for a while.  During my last visit I bought a stash of floor cloths!! They are sold on every street corner in Rio for pence. Made of cotton and sewn like a sack so it can be slipped over a broom head like a sleeve and used to dry and polish the floor after it has been washed.  So, I am able to open them up like the sacks and ‘embroider’ them.

I have worked on some already and have begun a series of botanical drawings.  The first is the Gossypium hirsutum better known as upland cotton.  I didn’t have a clue what the plant looked like so had to spend a morning at the Kew Garden Library; I saw masses of pictures and read some literature; so while I do know what it looks like in my head; stitched on a dyed floor cloth it might not cut the mustard … nonetheless I am so pleased I am going to do Woad next of which I know nothing … so I feel another visit coming on.

I’ve been thinking …

September 25, 2018

I have been thinking; and the thoughts have become overwhelming and writing them sometimes helps to tease out the facts from the fiction.

While discussing my creative problems with a friend he suggested I did a BA; saying he as a mature student found the course helped him look towards a career path.

For me, a lot older saw my age as a concern, but soon disregarded that along with travelling as Reading is very close to London and south east where there are plenty of good Universities.

Then the reason why I should spend what might be as much as 30 thousand pounds and three years to ‘undo’ my creative problems.

I don’t need to fill my time and learning at my age is that so necessary?  It is not about a career or even making money. Is it the above-mentioned peer pressure? Is a BA vital for an artist?  Not for a hobbyist perhaps? I am a serious artist, it is my way of life.  Will doing a degree focus my way of working or cramp my style?

I am hoping it will develop my style and validate my practice as varied as it is and give me a platform of my own.

So, having established my reasons then which course? Art; yes.  Fine art might give me gravitas in the local art community.  Printmaking, book design might be too specialised, then there is textiles, looks nice and my favoured one but might be too craft related.

Having, decided I would like to do a course, I am not sure which one and takes me back to the first discussions and my diverse approach to art, from mark making, drawing, structural pieces, poetry, wood engraving, other printmaking, ceramics, embroidery, tapestry etc. and the ways I can exhibit, be a serious artist not a hobbyist or doing ‘handicrafts’.

The thoughts go on … not expecting any answers …

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