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A poetry workshop …

February 24, 2017

jugpoemToday I am attending a poetry workshop; something I have wanted to do for a long time.  While I enjoy writing poetry, it is not, I think, understood by other people.  I am self conscious of my attempts to explore and celebrate ordinary objects; then in conjunction with my art work it becomes even more difficult .. for me it makes complete sense.  

So I am hoping this class will either; allow me to see where I am going wrong or suggest that I am doing OK .

What more can I expect in 5 hours … miracles?


End of an era …

February 21, 2017


In a few weeks I retire from full-time and paid employment to become a full-time artist.  While I have made plans for my ‘retirement’ including making a print studio and organised workshops and courses; the transition after 50 years of ‘work’ will be difficult.

On one hand, I have the joys of fulfilling a childhood dream and on the other a huge space and lack of structure.  I have spoken to others about my fears but have been assure that they are exhausting  and unfounded.  

So I have decided to grasp the nettle … not the stinging kind but one like this one I came across in the Book of British Flora for boys and girls by Mabel Coleclough.

I will at some point have to abandon my blog … begun when I had much to say about libraries, dead languages and my life surrounding those interests.  So, I suppose this is where my regrets and fears come from and until I face them and celebrate my new life, there will be tension but I am  thinking there is no harm in that is there?

What did you have for Christmas?

January 3, 2017


My husband and I don’t swap presents; we haven’t for years and this year we decided to extend this a bit further … sending things to Brazil over the years as become a bit of an economic monster so we curtailed that as well. Of course we enjoy the spirit of gifts; but this can be done throughout the year, at more convenient times and also when there is a need … gifts are wonderful; rewarding, uplifting and vital.

That is why I result in buying a little something for myself.  

A little before Christmas I came across this book called The man who planted trees  by Jean Giona ; with lovely wood engravings by Harry Brockway; and beautiful story in about 50 pages can be read in an hour! It is available to download but this doesn’t have the illustrations and the afterword by his daughter Aline Giono … and this is the icing on the Christmas cake … Don’t wait until next year get now.

Happy New Year …

January 1, 2017


From the library this morning …

November 30, 2016

Working, in the Cole Library on a little section of very early books about the anatomy of animals 16th and 17th  century just about … lots of lovely illustrations … mind blowing in detail …. these images are barely an inch square …


In the Garden …

November 29, 2016

quinceI have a beautiful garden. For nearly 30 years I have lovingly tended it; planting anything that will cope with semi shade and those that will attract wildlife. It has been mostly successful, although I grumble at the pigeons, neighbour’s cats and a pesky squirrel.

I sit for many hours even after dark with a little brazier  enjoying the peace and quiet.

This weekend I bought some bare rooted hedging and a little quince tree.  The hedging will fill a few gaps and attract a few more birds and the quince is loved by bees I believe; but I just love the fruit and already looking forward to harvesting them next autumn.  I am now looking out for a crab apple to plant along side; it might be  a bit of a squeeze … but I will find space.  

Silent Sunday …

November 27, 2016

Silent Sunday