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Weekly Photo Challenge …. the cherry on the top

July 26, 2016

FlamengoMy daughter and I don’t get the opportunity to sit and draw together very often.  When it happens it is good, last week a session on the front at Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro; the sea, sand and sun was the cherry on the top.

Away from Blogging for a while …

July 25, 2016

bubblyI have been away for the last 3 weeks and not inclined to spend time not enjoying my holiday;  and for a time leading to  this event I have been distracted my blog and regular posting.  As you know I go to Rio this time of year  to visit my daughter and although it is bus, I do usually enjoy continuing to post daily to my blog.  It was at times difficult; while there was endless super subject matter the internet connection was  often unreliable, nonetheless it didn’t spoil the holiday and I was happy.  

This year somehow the need to post daily was not so great even as the new year began and began our plans to visit Brazil, then with my health problems; blogging was seemingly less important.

So life went on and we went to Rio.

Sadly, with some serious family issues at home and Rio, blogging again a didn’t seem like a major priority; so on the back burner already it seem correct to shelve if a while.  

This proved to be a welcome decision … instead of looking around for opportunities to snapshot and share, I rested and reflected on the here and now.  Not looking at the big picture; but glimpses we had missed previous years.  So while we did explore and enjoy the holiday, it was more about soothing, celebrating  and reminding ourselves of the last 5 years, watching not the Christ, Sugar Loaf, Copacabana, Ipanema, coffee shops and cafes, but the sunrises, sunsets, cool breezes, hot breathes, aches and joys. We did some mending of wounds and celebrating separation and impermanence; deadly lessons but also beautiful acceptance that I thought I had dealt with 5 years ago and is now a fait accompli but not with longing and despair but of anticipation and new beginnings for us all.  

North to southern hemisphere is opposite enough …

July 5, 2016

I have gone for a while from the northern hemisphere to the south, where else would you go if you were looking  to buy a mirror?



July 4, 2016

JournalFor months and perhaps years I have been an artist.  Favouring printmaking, but generally a maker of shapes and coloured marks. Without much formal artist instruction; whatever that is, and academic resources from whoever or wherever  this comes; I know not.  

However, there is much I do know, for me there are things not to be tampered with or manipulated and that is the air we breath and the fundamental that comes from that; nature is divorced from my pallet. She rages and brings delight in equal measure, she is fickle, changeable and absolute.  Also, I will not attach myself to humans or adopt them as my own, they will not find their way into my sketchbook, unless without name, compass or purpose.  I will not fetter a live or breathing image to my page; I am not able.

Nonetheless, I am human and as such we have all; made, created, devoured, sculpted, built, cut down from nature in an attempt to preserve, tame, maintain, hold it and to conquer it.  We want the truth to be tangible see its value and hide the depravity.    

So for me as an artist and a very humble attempt to unravel, undo, hold, celebrate and destroy the stuff previously described and that marks my evolution.  Containers, I am a collector, hoarder, of tea, clothes, bags within bags, the written word; I no less that anyone want proof of my autonomy my place on the world.  So I while I undo them,  look at the shape they make, listen to the words they might say, understand flavour or the feelings that seeps from their souls, see the colour, light and shade,  rest eyes and allow them the breath we denied them so cruelly in our bid to hold back time and bring culture.

I am not sure what I am saying here; suffice to say I will not reproduce a landscape, or a portrait or a still life;  I will not attempt to hold something that is not mine. I will point out that we cannot do the above not even the greatest artist we wish to extol; we can only be aware that there is only a tiny widow of clarity and unless we keeping trying to focus on that and the brevity if life then we will never be an artist rich, poor or otherwise.  

Silent Sunday …

July 3, 2016


Nothing is original …

July 2, 2016


‘Steal from anywhere that resonates inspiration,or fuels your imagination.

Devour old films, new films, books, paintings, photos poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows, select things that speak directly to your soul. If you do this your work and theft will be authentic.  

Authenticity is invaluable, originality is non-existent and do not bother concealing your thievery; celebrate it if you feel like it.

In any case always remember what Jean Luc Godard said ‘ It is not where you take things from it is where you take them too’ 

Please read … if only today

June 30, 2016

New Year ....Today I am going to Brazil to visit my daughter, it is a day I have ached for during the last 11 months, 3 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours.  This trip has been happening for the last 5 years and remains (an expensive) commute of joy.  Also,the intervening year is not spent in grief; life goes on with its ups and downs; seemingly of late the lows have been painful and the ups less frequent.  However, we all have a network of support surrounding us in our endeavours not just to maintain an  assemblance of order but to be creative and progressive.  

My daughter and son-in-law have used every opportunity to learn academically and earn a living in a country that too is fragile and in the hands of the rich and corrupt.

And me, while my husband recently made redundant,  was looking forward to leaving full time paid employment (at 67 years old this surely is Ok?) to begin a new career with no income guaranteed.  

So business as usual, we have managed not to fall into deep despair and our holiday will be just wonderful.

That is until now; this recent political upheaval will be a mighty blow to us all. By all,I mean those like my husband who has lost job in social housing after  40 years because of the Tory cuts in public spending, without state pension yet and no job prospects.  Also, the others who work in the University, where we rely  on the comings and going to European students for our income.  There will be many more job losses and the effect on the local economy will be catastrophic.  

I have been a trade unionist and an active member of the Labour Party since 1969. Although I did leave the LP during the years of Tony Blair, while remaining a reluctant voter. I rejoined when I wanted to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and have not so far disappointed.  He became my hope, as a socialist to have a voice in parliament.  I voted to stay in the European Union. Of course the EU is not a perfect institution but without a viable plan for otherwise I was not going to jump ship.  

I am distraught by those who were misguided, thoughtless and racist who voted otherwise.

I am sad and angry for those like me will become unemployed, poor and left on the slag heap while the rich, powerful and in the sway of the capital media will continue to sap Great Britain and forgo any opportunities to be part of a kinder and more generous European Union.

So yes there are joys life is good I am going to Rio and to visit my beloved child … but what will I come back to my only hope is a voice in parliament for the less able, the misinformed and the workers of this country. Heck, I don’t care if Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM; a bonus if he does, but at least there be an effective other or England will be dead for those who are worked tirelessly for the last 50 years (not forgetting those who worked and went to war in the previous decades)  and a playground for the fat cats.    

This is not political rant, just how it is so please don’t pick holes in my delivery or aptitude of the current situation … there are a lot clever ones to do that … but they are just clever … they really don’t know how it is how it will be for normal people.  



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