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Silent Sunday …

November 6, 2016

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday …

October 23, 2016

Work in progress

Snapshot from the library …

October 19, 2016

A vision from the library … I have been working with our Wizard of Oz collection for a couple of years. It has been a background task in support of a cataloguer.  It has been fun but not particularly interesting; but  hope that now it is almost finished it will attract some attention.  Most of the books reflected the cinematographic element of the work, however those like this one were a welcome distraction.  


Sun on Monday …

October 10, 2016

Its Monday morning and there is  a beautiful day ahead.  Those who follow my blog and my reflections on the previous week, will be aware of my fluctuations between moods; from self-pitying junk to self-contractionary claptrap and back again.  At work I have a ‘do I, don’t I retire?’ attitude to my paid employment, My art, its practice and resultant works  go from love to hate, then there is the lack of hair ‘shall I, shan’t I bare all ?’  and then the cold wind makes the decision; hat!  My mental state is by its nature is bipolar and while not connected directly to any of the above is managed better if my life is grounded. So, where am today? Yes , beautiful and the weekend was good.  Having had a successful exhibition at the Rising Sun Art Centre where Book Face took part in the celebrations for Reading Year of Culture. With that and Reading in Reading, we had a two day show celebrating book arts, it is an annual event and over the last few years it as become a spectacular occasion with of course lots of works related to the production of books plus selected music and the reading of poetry.  It was my intention to read a recent poem but ducked out and I do regret that a little.  However, on a positive note, I showed a collection of art books created while in Brazil and since. I launched my book, The Teapot at sea  and sold some copies and other related materials and even works ‘not for sale’. So very happy today, especially as during that time I collected my press, received a super imposing stone and the sun is shining …

I will expect a little of a slump from this place but will hit the floor running when I prepare for the next project.

Meanwhile I would like to thank those who supported me at the weekend and the all at the Rising Sun Arts Centre … where there is lovely hub of volunteers gunning for the likes of me getting a leg up in art world … when there is so much stacked against us, whether it is in our minds or simply under the restraints of austerity.

So happy Monday.

it will not be silent today …

October 9, 2016

I hope … yesterday was good … lots of visitors.Book Face ... Thank you all for dropping by …


Today at the Rising Sun Arts Centre

October 8, 2016

teapotatseaToday I launch my book.  I cannot remember when I began to ‘write’ it but it must have been over a year ago.  Although, it was my intention to make several copies; I didn’t think it through very well and the finished result is not as I hoped.

However, as the ‘mistakes’ accumulated so I learned that future books would be created more thoughtfully.

So while this book was having to make do with alternative production, plans for my next work were being made.

On Sunday after long searching and then a thorough overhaul I take possession of a printing press.  For a year I have been preparing to make booklets; having lessons, workshops and even attended writing classes.

Monday I begin life as a printer.

Meanwhile, this weekend at the Rising Sun Art Centre I have an exhibition of one off booklets I have made without the use of a press and launch my book; albeit 12 copies  

Silent Sunday

October 2, 2016

Glass drop.