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an iris …

May 28, 2017


… might be nice this retirement …

May 25, 2017

I have been a full time artist for several weeks; not enjoying being my own boss although I  am discovering some delights.  However, not before I realised that I am hard task master, have outrageous expectations and fail to give praise.  After tears and dramas I have become watchful and learning to be my own best friend.

Especially as I do spend most mornings from dawn in the studio and afternoons preparing for the next day … and evenings pretty exhausted.

On the plus side I have learned a lot; doggedly repeating techniques and exercises with either silk screen printing or learning about my Adana press; is paying off.  Perhaps, the results are not aesthetically pleasing yet; simple things like time management, preparation of papers and inks, adapting a good workspace, drying times and reasonable expectations; all things that were hit and miss have become better controlled with not so many horrible or happy accidents.. I am learning left from right,  top and bottom; so important when printing, registration is improved and other technical disciplines are falling to place.  

So these weeks of focus, when I have been feeling so lost and alone have been bitter sweet.

I am thinking that if I can find ways to soften the load, with say, some outings and simply in the garden with a cup of tea and cakeI might enjoy this retirement malarky.

Last of the tulips ..

May 14, 2017

Round the corner … a little step

May 12, 2017

Today 4 weeks into my retirement; after a time of heart heaving, grief and regret;  I turn a corner and today I put on a skirt! Now, to some they may say ‘So what?’ but my skirts are 14 inches long; 2 inches longer than those I wore in 1966!  Therefore, I am am today in more ways than one (remember no hair) I am exposed to this nasty cold wind; but celebrate a step out of the gloom.

However, while I have missed the work situation I have been working hard as an artist and here is a little linocut that I did yesterday and today I will be trying the image as a screen print.  So happier days ahead!

From the garden this morning …

May 7, 2017

birds are singing too …

April 30, 2017

… retirement …

April 27, 2017

I have started to write this post many times even got as far as publishing, in my head that it is.  I have been ‘retired’ from paid full time employment for nearly three weeks. While I had been planning this event for many months and looking forward to the extra time and space; I had intentions to document all the joys daily.

There is no doubt I have been busy and enjoyed opportunities that time brings; and as I hoped there is a lot of material for blog posts and even an exhibition already.  I have begun a pottery class and my garden is looking glorious. I am happy to have retired.

Sadly, as I suffer from bipolar; so for me the reality is not always that clear; after fifty years of daily contact, pattern and structure, that and the need; as employees the joy of being needed outweighs all the disadvantages we associate with employment … unsociable hours, poor pay and the damned structure!

I don’t want to return to work , find structure, company or even more money … I just have to accept for a while life is complicated.  

Or a bit grey like the pot … but is improving …