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birds are singing too …

April 30, 2017


… retirement …

April 27, 2017

I have started to write this post many times even got as far as publishing, in my head that it is.  I have been ‘retired’ from paid full time employment for nearly three weeks. While I had been planning this event for many months and looking forward to the extra time and space; I had intentions to document all the joys daily.

There is no doubt I have been busy and enjoyed opportunities that time brings; and as I hoped there is a lot of material for blog posts and even an exhibition already.  I have begun a pottery class and my garden is looking glorious. I am happy to have retired.

Sadly, as I suffer from bipolar; so for me the reality is not always that clear; after fifty years of daily contact, pattern and structure, that and the need; as employees the joy of being needed outweighs all the disadvantages we associate with employment … unsociable hours, poor pay and the damned structure!

I don’t want to return to work , find structure, company or even more money … I just have to accept for a while life is complicated.  

Or a bit grey like the pot … but is improving …

More than 40 years ago today …

April 23, 2017

I had my first child … and on that day my mother picked some Lilac … while I don’t need reminding of that day; it early blooms serve as an added celebration


Shhh … its Sunday

April 16, 2017

Guilty as charged …

April 15, 2017

Since returning from Brazil last summer and dealing with some personal struggles; I have conducted my life as best I could. Anyone, who knows about depression; there is conducting: as in conducting an unruly crowd on a bus, there is conducting an orchestra of musicians all with one eye on the baton and then there’s the herd of cats!

So while not making light of depression or those suffering from other horrible conditions; from one day to the next I’m not sure where I am in the realm of ‘herding cats’, and being home having more time to consider may or not help. Like I said, at best I have coped and life goes on.  However, during that time I have been ‘altering’ a book; now as library assistant such an act is a hanging offence; so it something I haven’t spoken too much about.  Also, in the light of the above mentioned muddled condition it doesn’t always have attractive results … or those that can be shared.  So while time has gone on; pages remain unfinished and others dark and melancholic; I delight in some light and shapes that simply need a hymn of progress …

a quince tree …

April 12, 2017

I have a beautiful garden; I can see it from my kitchen window.  I never tire of it; like my fourth child; I love her unconditionally.  Without melodrama she has shared my ups and downs over the past 30 or so years. I will enjoy spending more time with her; giving her some TLC.  As a token of this new happening: I am going to plant a quince ‘seed.’ I bought the tree last year it bore one fruit; it was beautiful I didn’t want to eat it (even if I knew how) so it stayed on my window ledge where I watched it daily until it began completely dried and wizened; while it doesn’t have its youth bloom it does a warm and nutty look (do you get the picture?) The tree is in bloom as we speak and I hope it will bear fruit later in the year.  So the process will begin again; this time I will eat the fruit if I dare.  

Meanwhile, and for today me struggling 3 days into retirement to cope with ‘lack of structure.’ I will make wishes for those warm nutty folk and the planting of seeds.  

Some you loose …

April 10, 2017

For the last few months and for some years to come the university library is undergoing some major renovations.  Lots of furniture and fittings have been removed along with staff to another building while the work is undertaken.  Some items are no longer required have have been put in skips. I have salvaged some bits for my studio. However, I am pretty much out of space now, but I am looking for a nipping press which is not so important, but it might be nice to have.  A another little table found its way home on Friday that would be just perfect …

For my sewing machine! I usually do my sewing on the dining room table;  not always ideal, especially at supper time.  

So now I am in a bit of a fix; space and table gone in one fell swoop.