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Distraction versus pain relief …

April 27, 2022

This past month should have been a holiday, not from my dolls but from life in general.  My youngest daughter who lives in Brazil paid us a long overdue visit and I planned a time of outings and entertainment with friends and family, lots of food, wine and music and we did fully until my daughter got Covid and I sustained a painful groin pull.  My daughter had to quarantine and was very poorly and my condition is ongoing and renders me to severe pain until I overdose with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication and immobility without sticks. 

While it was not the ‘holiday’ I had planned my daughter and I were able to achieve lots of nice things and some I had only ever dreamed of!

My daughter who, among other things is a musician and owns a piano that went into storage when she left home to live in Rio in 2010.  During her recovery and my discomfort, we decided to reinstate the piano with the help of a kind and strong neighbour it now has pride of place in my sitting room, and it isn’t going anywhere else for the foreseeable future. 

Fortunately, while I can read music sadly can only play very badly so with regular daily practice I can enjoy the ‘rest’ part of my long recovery and plan to make some sounds to accompany my dolls action.

Happily, stop motion animation can be done while hobbling and it seems work better when taking a bit too much medication.  I say this with my tongue firmly in my cheek I cannot wait to be pain free and until then I find distraction works best …

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