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From the studio last week …

March 29, 2022

As I walk carefully along the path as a Concept Costume Design Animator, I have made positive moves to ensure that I can progress and grow in this bold challenge.  Having some initial tuition and prolonged guidance as needed has helped and the new improved films have attracted some attention which is comforting.

I have ‘given’ my dolls their own Instagram account where I post all the performances as they become available. 

Last week I took three dolls to the studio at The Jelly Reading.  First Hip Hop Rose and a doll with no name wearing a dress made from a scrap of William Morris furnishing fabric. I like my dolls to be well dressed so, I favour quality off cuts.  I have friends who make theatrical costumes from whom I can source bling and sparkle. From others short lengths of lace and ribbon. While I dye and embroider luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, and wool. Local patchwork quilt makers always have remnants that don’t fit with current trends, to spare. I have no difficulty meeting the dolls fashion needs.

I cannot pretend to be upholding any ethical moral code or adhering to the laws of sustainability, but my dolls and their dramatic antics bring joy and hope during difficult times. 

My third performer, also has no name but previously known as the Old Guitarist, inspired by a painting by Picasso. He wears dungarees from silk dyed with indigo and a brown leather sleeveless jacket made from a tiny off cut.  The film can be seen on Instagram @coathangerdolls and is a story about an overseer in a blue frock and her two underlings taking some buckets to who-know-where. 

I hope you find time to view it. 

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