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A cart and a chair …

December 30, 2021

The light in my house has been poor since October and will not improve, I think, until the spring comes at the end of March.  This typical seasonal discomfort is not insurmountable, while I cannot successfully film, this inclemency and confinement to home has allowed me to focus on other things.  Such as making dolls, sets, and props, I have been able to stitch some more complex backdrops.  It has prompted me to commit fully to writing and drawing.  The chair was the result of one of these exercises.  Presently I am making a chaise longue which I will share soon.

More vital and relevant I have begun writing a book, or rather illustrating a story book about my beloved dolls.  The chair will feature in it along with the cart made by my brother and has appeared in other films that can be seen on YouTube, both have the potential to star in other dramas. 

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