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Poem to my ‘dolls …

December 29, 2021
A work in progress

I love textiles – fabric – fashion


Making – doing

I love to stitch! Mend and repair


Knit – darn – wrap

From this grew a passion for dolls



Coat Hanger Dolls

Even the beginning attempts

at worst lifeless

at best – Neanderthal!

I fell in love with these ugly creatures

I studied puppets – wire sculptures

An array of the absurd   cruel   weird

downright   horrible

yet tantalising

I grabbed the boorish and ran

I ran

They stood

Enjoying a frock

a nod to fashion

Coat hanger dolls


Unlike ventriloquist dummies

My dolls were bashful



No idle chatter – small talk

Empty kettles ached to step from graceful statue pose

In elegant ensemble they yearned to dance.

Stop   motion   animation


alluring but

not love at first sight

For a while a slippery costly slope

technical equipment marshalled  


It felt the honeymoon was over

Yet my ugly children rallied their delights


With learning

good fortunes came to the fore

We animated illuminated danced and smiled

Much at one another

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