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January 6, 2021

As I step from this module for my MA, that was about my reflective practice, self-criticism, progression to independent workmanship towards professional development into considering my final piece and exhibition I must learn to departmentalise.

While it is difficult to separate being a puppet and stitch maker from being puppeteer, animator, stage designer or that a story teller; being able to isolate these tasks in the studio environment will go a long way to ensure that while art and creativity  is maintained and progresses, the result as a film or within a frame is produced with a professional balance and appearance.

When making the puppets, the story, and story board is in the back of my mind. To fore, is the wire sculpture with its strength and continued flexibility, the felt must be constructed to a fine and durable quality, the costumes designed and stitched to create a characterful colourful actor. All this takes place long before the animation comes to the fore.

Back drops, while they may be treated as a two-dimensional element they do fulfil and important function and cannot be ill considered when being the stitch maker.  Firstly, they might tell part of the story like the stage set or form a barrier from an unwanted background. However, they must not distract; the camera is a fool and easily distracted; so, the background must not have an obvious focus. Its function is a mere suggestion of a garden or street for example.  To that end, threads and fabric are carefully used without positive or negative lines or impressions.  Unlike the puppets or coat hanger people who as described earlier as characterful there is no subtlety. We must be assured of their importance.  In their isolation, neglect and the mundane they take centre stage and star.  

For my work for the next few months regardless of the outcome; while perfecting  the backdrops I will ensure the puppets will be well made, balanced and stage worthy. 

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