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Coat hanger people or puppets?

January 4, 2021

As I begin to think about my final piece which will be much about studio work; for example: finding a story, giving my characters a role, making props and stage sets and animation.  While I have thought much about it and even have a plan; where I begin remains mystery.

This saddens me and find myself distracted by ‘other’ things and even further research is so attractive.  This weekend for instance I taught myself crochet; learning, however that it will not have a place in my final piece. 

On the other hand, this was far more interesting a hand puppet in a drawing by Bruegel 1564 and would like to know more about the stories that were being told 5 centuries ago.  I am not sure where my coat hanger people and puppets meet; if indeed they do.  I am also interested in the use of puppets and animated creatures in art and communication

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