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Coat hanger people …

November 9, 2020

One of the tasks I juggle during my working week is stitching, like drawing and writing, it is my mainstay without them I would not function properly. Filmmaking is very new and challenging and has become a bit of an obsession. Although, I have a love/hate relationship with it; I am determined to master it or at least love it more; but it will take time.  I was reluctant and remain cautious about showing my films; but it has unstilled a need to practice more.  Sadly, the mist and poor light at the weekend put an end to that for a day or two.  However, I did begin embroidering a backdrop and that is going nicely; I hope to play with that soon, weather permitting.

I also finished a cloth book, that I have been stitching for a few weeks.  It is called a Gathering which it is, and it isn’t; this is a concertina book and a gathering is a book binding term for something a little different. Nonetheless, this is a gathering of dancers as they twirl through the pages.  My lovely coat hanger people don’t have to keep their distance. 

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