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This is me being a stage designer … bits of paper on a sack.

November 7, 2020

All the balls in the air, paper on a sack; being a textile artist making films and doing an MA is like juggling with plates with god watching.  I don’t mean to blaspheme; someone watching who has an opinion, whether it is valid or not, on everything.  An omnipotence who will judge my every move.  They will judge my story and board, the set, costumes, lighting, film making; need I go on?

From my point of view, each step is bittersweet; complex as regards my ability, supplies and even the weather is crucial.  Eggs in one basket, chicken and the egg and juggling is a messy concept.   

I would also like to point out that no person thus far has expressed any unwanted opinions; the demons I refer too are those sat as I speak on my shoulder. 

So, with this in mind a prayer to those watching, please be gentle, keep your opinions to yourself and allow me my moment of joy. As sure as eggs are eggs, plates in the air or not, this a good way to spend a lockdown.   

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