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Happy to invigilate … in Reading

June 2, 2018

Since retiring a little over a year ago, friends have encouraged me to do volunteer work. Perhaps, it was a good idea for me who struggled for a while thinking that being an artist was not purposeful. However, being an artist has proved to be a positive move and all I need at the moment.

Nonetheless, I have found time to visit local art spaces; we have one two new ones in Reading, some are simply a place (a corridor perhaps) where the art is hung and left for day or more without a monitor and with minimal direction, others require an invigilator and others might come somewhere in between. All a different experience none right or wrong. I can understand as an artist, requiring art space our needs are not always met for a multitude of reasons, so we have make the best we can.

So I have come up with a plan; a group on Facebook where we artists and/ or friends of artists who require help or can offer help when setting up an exhibition and in particular looking after a collection when it has been hung. Not to be the artist but a representative to welcome visitors to talk (or not) about the work and the artist. Just be an advocate of art spaces in Reading.  Happy to invigilate … as it says on the tin.

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