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3 days … to go

June 27, 2016

leadcutterThree days to go! I am trying to remain grounded, as there is still much to do before departing to Rio on Thursday.  While this morning  I will enjoy a bit of pampering, this afternoon I will be helping to take down the exhibition at the University.

I did have an especially good weekend.  I have been gathering tools for my press workshop, teasingly named in my mind.  While I don’t have a press yet I do have some tools.  Towards the end of last week I bought a lead cutter on Ebay and arranged to collect it on Sunday.  This proved to be extra helpful as the seller, a letterpress expert sold me some extra items and gave me some priceless advice to help me as a beginner on my journey. Although he wasn’t able to help me past the traffic congestion on the M25!

So now I have a better idea of the fount size and spaces  I will require. I am on the lookout for some Sans Gill 24pt and 36pt and and complete set of wood letters in say 48pt or more, this will a bit more difficult but I am in no rush.  However, it will be good to look around in Brazil and also in UK when I return.  

Until then there is lots to do … another suitcase to fill.



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