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Saturday do I or don’t I?

June 25, 2016

golden shoesToday’s post can go one of two ways; while I reconcile the last few weeks and the following 6 days.

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would have liked for a few months and thought I might explain way. The last few weeks have been difficult and a joy of equal measure. What with illness, some life threatening and some less so, directly or indirectly it makes no odds, illness is a distraction. Then, there was redundancy and relationship issues, conditions, again mostly not insurmountable and often with positive results, but can appear  to upset the apple-cart.  Then, there is the preparation for a long awaited holiday,  that too, can become  the main focus and day to day practices pushed into touch!

During this time I have also created work for a couple of exhibitions and traveled hither and thither for courses and workshops and looking forward to more work later in the year.

So excuses,  reasons or distractions,  for no apparent reason my life has changed direction … it seems impermanence is the new permanence.

So which way will I go? Down the road of ‘if only’ or celebrate the change as it comes and goes?

While today I steward at the gallery in my golden shoes I will greet the opportunities … does this mean I will get back on track and post a bit frequently probably not … distractions are a joy we don’t see that at first.  







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