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A few questions on Saturday

June 4, 2016

quionsChristmas ain’t comin’ but it sure as hell feels like it! It is Saturday, and it has been a week of emotional upheavals which can been seen as negative, and it was at times pretty much as low as you could get.  However, ‘upheavals’ does also imply also a high state and that was true as well. So which way am I going with this at dawn when it is cold and dull; it must be up.

This week as I venture further into the use of letterpress in my printmaking I have received some of my previous online orders, strange implements with inexplicable names that resemble tools of torture; but keeping the positive fibe … I am sure they are easy to apply and will result in beautiful works.  Nonetheless, among the metal-ness and rust they look mean.  So with quoins and  a key, leads and some furniture, there some things are yet to come.

Now some further considerations; first some letterpress. While, I will not be using much text; more, my own wood engraved blocks and simple narrative, I would like words to be simple and bold.  I did think wood, but after some sound advice I will probably go for metal and sans serif and in particular medium Gill. I am not sure of the size this is difficult to imagine and could lead to a costly mistake. Thinking perhaps another hands on session with someone local might just help me get this detail right.

However, I do also want some wood letters and spaces, not too big or indeed small but right for what I hope to achieve; but I understand this is more difficult to find and will be worn. But, again this is can be a work in progress and to find something will be part of the joy  and again a session with someone might just be all I need at present.

Second, is the paper I might need. As a print maker I do have supplies but maybe not suitable to use in a letterpress and in practice something less costly might be best.  With Nicholas at Cleeve Press I used recycled paper the supplier’s name is ‘forgotten’ but it was a nice colour; white of course lends itself well to the the grand style … but mine has yet to reach such heights.  I am open to suggestions especially at the playing stage.  

Having said that, and remaining in my positive mode, I have often found my best results have been those on rubbish paper that won’t see the year out let alone hang on the wall for a any length of time or on the back of another so called work of art!

Like I said this is Christmas nothing ventured nothing gained my ever growing list maybe fulfilled it may not and there will be mistakes … but I am going give it my best shot … so any thoughts as regards the buying of letterpress as a beginner; sans serif, metal or wood ( plan to get both if funds permit) and not too big and not too small. And then paper? Will be gratefully received …

Happy Saturday




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