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Wednesday’s wise woman … Susan Utting

May 16, 2016

I was reminded of this on FB this morning … I had forgotten …

Coat Hanger Doll's House

I heard Susan read her poetry at a Poetry Reading at Reading on Saturday.  I have not listened to poetry since I was a child.  As read by my mother or a teacher it was ot always a pleasing experience.  Not because the poem was wrong or the reading poor – it was just not exciting -dull.
Having said that I remember later in the 1960s enjoying the storytellers such as Margaret Rutherford and Bernard Cribbins on the TV. Each evening actors would read a story on a programme on the BBC  called Jackanory – designed to stimulate reading. The story-teller would transport me on an adventure or make a social comment to trigger thoughts, hopes, reactions – some small others life changing.
So when I heard Susan reading her few I was taken in a similar – I was wrapped in her word, as wannabe poet I was amazed when she read:-

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