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and more good news …

May 16, 2016


wayzgooseTwo lovely things happened this weekend, first the Yellow Teapot Cafe was another successful event. Then, for me on Sunday the Wayzgoose, an annual event at St Brides Foundation was the best!

The St Bride Foundation, a self funded charity that is devoted to to the history of printing and allied crafts. This Sunday, by way of a promotion and celebration of their work, they invite printers to exhibit  their books, posters, paper & board,  printing equipment etc. and provide workshops and refreshments.

I was sure I knew what to expect, but it all surpassed my expectations. As well as meeting many people for the first time, I met people I had only come in contact with on-line, others I knew from my workplace in the library at the University of Reading and some who are acquainted with others I know from Typography also at the the university. So from a personal level it was comforting having these connections, the world of printing seemed not so vast and alien.Soon, I was able to make positive links with further meetings and even meet the printer I am going to work with next week in Leicester!

This was a real boost to my career as an artist and  illustrator of books which is growing slowing and had some setbacks lately.

So happy to begin a week with good news in the realm of nelabligh and the Yellow Teapot Cafe.

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