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Saturday …

March 5, 2016

perfumebottlesIt is Saturday and this week has been good, even with a couple of mishaps, I look back with joy at some minor achievements.  My booklet is almost complete, due to one of the aforementioned mishaps one of the pages in languishing on a scanner at work, I will not be able to bind it, as I hoped this weekend. However, I did have a lesson in the art of stitching one section and I have some lovely red thread, (one of the minor achievements)  so I will be able to complete early next week.  

My next step is to consider the ways in which I can make the book into a printed and sell-able edition.  I have had some interest and will be looking at some options next week; so I am hopeful.  

However, I am not one to let the grass grow under my feet; so today I start the preliminary prints for my next book.  I am going to open access and have some collagraph plates ready to ink and print.

During a recent drawing workshop at Reading Museum I made a quick drawing of some glass perfume bottles found at Silchester.  I have since written a short story relating to them; with a nice Roman classical feel.

This is very early days, in more ways than one and there are mishaps, they are broken bottles after all, but sometimes they have happy results … so hold that thought because it is Saturday !

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