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November 7, 2015

After a month of pain, so far the prognosis is not so good. My back is still very sensitive to sitting and standing; in the short term this has been difficult enough at home even while able to take rests and be watchful. When I return to work where I am pretty much desk bound I will have to be inventive and ensure that I don’t sit or stand for prolonged periods, breaking the day and tasks into comfortable chunks and not thinking so much about the urgency of getting something done. Unfortunately,  lying supine in the library will not be an option.  

Sadly, it is not just my work which I enjoy, but my art might prove to be problematic.  Sometimes, I can sit or stand on a project not noticing how long I have been working without a break.  At first I didn’t relish the idea of curtailing my art, blogging, tweeting, research and my beloved job.

Until, I thought about how this can be approached playfully or at least cheerfully.  I felt like I had been set free; it is not going to be an easy transition … working out ways in which to not sit or stand for long periods is serious stuff.  I am hoping the playful element will in turn help to alleviate the pain and the acceptance of thereof.
In the view of above, I began this lino cut … I thought about not doing the complicated drawings on paper and subsequent tracings, merely drawing straight on the lino …. let’s see how it develops  

2015-11-06 15.46.05


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  1. November 8, 2015 8:47 am

    Hello I am an artist and have the same problem as yours though it’s not so dramatically serious. What I found the best is wearing a special belt against sciatic and using a sitting-kneeling stool to keep my spin straight. I tried several stools all are not good some tire knees very quickly so do not buy one without trying it. Both devices really help me. Hope that can help you and let you keep making your art. Best wishes

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