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Friday good wishes …

August 14, 2015

2015-08-14 06.55.47

It is Friday when I usually post a snapshot from the library. However, I am not at work but enjoying a three day printing workshop at Summer School and have taken annual leave.

Those who read my blog regularly will know that the school room is not a comfortable place for me. Although, I am improving, the situation still remains an ordeal. I am not a beginner at printmaking, in fact I am fairly accomplished and indeed sold some of my work; this class should hold no difficulties for me.

However, the condition is complicated and has debilitating effect.  On outside I am a fully functioning adult working, laughing, communicating and also being creative, on the inside there is a little girl; lost, lonely, abused, afraid and apparently worthless (thus was the result of those methods used in school all those years ago)

So for a while until I face the situation I wander aimlessly looking for comfort.

Although, I am prepared almost overly, I find it difficult to play and enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills in warm and supportive  surroundings that bare no resemblance to those I experienced 50 or 60 years ago that have scared me almost beyond repair.  

So, not a library book but a good wish for those like me, today, who face a situation that feels monster yet can be assuaged with a giggle, a blob of ink and more tea!   

I don’t expect this funny little creature to answer my plea but is a gift from Brazil and makes me smile … Have a good day!

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