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I am the woman!

July 1, 2015

Today … 3 days before I go to Brazil, in any woman’s life is destined to be a wonderful trip. For me it is a culmination of a year’s planning with the all angst and delight of a mother separated from her child.

My blog grown from that abyss of emptiness felt in those days 4 years ago, holds no delight.  

Today, I can think not to much of those Wednesday’s women wood engravers in this melange of mother-ness that I have tenderly smothered for the last two year … bit melodramatic? perhaps …

So I continue to celebrate the advent of my holiday with a memory from last year when my daughter and I attended our first taste of wood cutting in Rio … she has carried on to learn, I returned to my lino, wood engraving and my methods;  but am looking forward to trying Brazilian ways again …. and even sharing mine developed over the last year!


2014-08-10 12.14.26

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