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Weekly Photo Challenge … My Muse

June 30, 2015

For me it is more who is my muse rather than what ? Although the answer is connected.  I have written much about my dad; who was a craftsman of integrity and diligence and how he encouraged me as a little girl to draw and be creative.  Sadly, when I was twelve years old, he left me and my siblings with our mother.  I cannot remember how I coped with the separation .. but can still feel the grief.

As an adult I can understand why he left (it was complicated) however, no matter how I try the little girl cannot forgive him for leaving us in a vulnerable and unstable situation without  the aforementioned diligence and integrity he showed in other areas of his being.  

He is dead now; and the little girl still yearns to make things better and bring him home … even if it is to say ‘ Look, Dad this is what I made and it is for you!’

So for the most part I call upon the strength of that 12 year old, she too a powerful muse, who just got on with life without a dad and successfully; but then when I need a creative push I wonder what he would say

‘Just draw  … anything  … that cup … Nipper’

This is not a cup … but the result of one of those ‘conversations’  …

2015-06-28 18.10.01


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  1. June 30, 2015 8:08 am

    Nice work!

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