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Weekly Photo Challenge … the Forces of nature

May 12, 2015

I live in Reading UK; we have discussed this before pretty much; it is as far as you can get from the sea although we live near the river Thames that might break its banks during VERY heavy rain. The autumn leaves sometimes stop the trains running but this in minimal.  Also in Berkshire we will not get altitude sickness. All in all, I am not exposed to the power of nature. I smile, as I look at the gardens and front drives of the houses whose owners have gone to great measures to protect themselves from nature and her unsightly (so they say) infestations of greenery with concrete and brick paviour.  Such is the force of nature! So with the utmost respect to those who endure the power of nature daily some in fear I count myself lucky; and enjoy the little seedlings that find their way through the urban protection against nature and her unruly force.  

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