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On Monday …

May 11, 2015

On Monday; I look back at the previous week and the happenings in the world of Nela Bligh.  The events that stand out and have made an impact maybe not consequential in the big world of Helen but have buffeted Nela a bit and she feels the need to share and unload.  

I am writing this on Sunday with a cup of new black tea delivered this week. Enclosed with my usual order and the requirements of my daughter to take to Brazil, there were some added extras.  Ann, my supplier know our needs. For, me I prefer my tea as it comes White, Green, Black etc so she included some Jasmine balls and ‘M’ who prefers mixes, like brain boosting, relaxing etc she added some White tea mixes that are kind to ‘M’s’ troublesome skin. So a lovely interlude before the result of the recent elections here in UK; another 5 years of a Tory government with continued austerity measures and strident immigration laws, among many other fears, my family and I are very sad. I have always been a Labour supporter and struggled with the inequality of our country and now the differences will be increased.  So with sadness, especially as I cannot see a way to address the above mentioned difficulties; even as a trade unionist I feel unheard and neglected by the current regime.   

So, the week continued I researched the artist of the wood engraving I bought last weekend. I discovered that Sally Hands is not only a printmaker but a spinner.  I am also a spinner although a little lapsed … there are only so many hand spun sweaters a girl can wear. So when taken over by more pressing events the wheel was removed to the loft.  

However, after looking at Sally Hands website I was inspired to fetch it down and use it; not perhaps as tool more a model and then we shall see what happens.

Then, there has been Caverham Art Trail; where I was exposed to some great local artists and inspired by couple … I learned to use a needle felt making machine better known as a embellisher; nice but at the moment economically removed from the dream.  Then, Sunday I learned the joys of monoprint ; it was not only successful but also no expensive tools required!  

Today, I am off to a drawing class; which involves a bike ride, train ride and a further trek on the bike so a bit of an adventure …

So another week begins with some challenges; some insurmountable in the near and distant future … so put on the back burner. The others joyous and exciting.  

Cup half full or half empty? The jury is out.

Love to all especially those who bought great joy this week.  

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  1. May 11, 2015 8:25 am

    In Holland I followed the elections and although I can’t feel from within how the results must be for you living in the UK I did notice the amount of emotions that came along with it. And they were big! In quantity and in intensity. Every time when things in the world are too big for me to solve or even grasp I always go back to the work of my hands and the inspiration of other artists. By making things I feel comforted and I always regain my trust in life. Although sometimes it can take a while. Thank you for your blog Nela I can relate!

    • May 12, 2015 6:33 am

      I live in the South East always a Tory stronghold but there are more areas becoming so! And you advice is very gratefully received … thank you!

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