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Saturday and a plea …

January 3, 2015

Christmas and the New Year have happened for me as planned, happily, without the hype and false and expensive generosity. Nonetheless, I am little disappointed as the parcels I sent in October to Brazil and those sent from Rio well in advance of the last recommended date have not yet arrived.  

We will at some point celebrate their arrival on Skype.

It is a shame because this love/hate relationship I have with the World Wide Mail service all the year round is bearable ; in say February or any other time of the year; at the moment it hurts a lot.

So please can we speed up the service or have some realistic dates for sending to and from South America … no pressure on the Snail Mail.

So these angels send good wishes to those in the Mail Service for reasons best known to themselves are sitting on my parcels of love to my children. 

2015-01-03 08.05.04

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