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Snapshot from my library …

January 2, 2015

Again I am away from the University Library and resort to my own library this time my Alphabet books.  This one holds  a special place not only because it is a gift from Rio; but because it celebrates some of the things I hold dear, creatively.


I have, with the use of a dictionary tried to translate the first letter of the abecedário (ABC) A is for Gratitude



Agradeço a deus por tudo

que até hoje tem dado

O brilho da poesia

que me faz sempre inspirado

Fui por este dom divino

escolhido e premiado


I thank God for everything

who has already given me the splendour of poetry

that makes me always inspired

For this divine gift I was chosen and rewarded …



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  1. January 2, 2015 11:36 am

    Liked the translation and the drawings

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